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Snare Drum is a 8 lb, 5 year old Chihuahua who can’t wait to be renamed by her new family!! She is looking for a very special family to call her own. The key qualities this family needs are patience, warmth, and a willingness to accept Snare Drum’s immense trauma and work with her through it as she learns to accept touch, care, and eventually love.
The great news is she has made amazing progress in just a few weeks with her foster family and they can tell a very special dog is in her. She just needs time to shine. A few exciting mile stones:

Day 3 - hopped onto the couch and allowed foster dad to pet her with 1 finger then his whole hand!
Day 6 - stopped resisting leash walks, learned nothing bad will happen on leash and now walks outside on her own to go potty and no longer needs to be nudged along!
Day 9 - allowed foster mom to pick her up, walk around the house with her, and then fell asleep on the couch in her foster mom’s lap!

You see, Snare Drum has had a horrific life to date and has never known how beautiful the love of a family can be. She was found in an unsanitary hoarding situation with 72 other chihuahuas in an 800-square-foot row home in Philadelphia. She and her siblings were never allowed outside, had never seen grass before, and many were not healthy (though she seems to be!!). She had little socialization with people, and no vet care prior to being rescued. She was brought to the PSPCA where she underwent vetting and behavioral assessment and was deemed the most fearful/nervous Chihuahua of all 73, which meant she was the last one to be picked up from the shelter. Sadly, her fear can sometimes turn into nipping / air snapping when she is pushed past her boundaries. But her foster family has not seen that behavior since day 7 as she has become more relaxed in their home!
All this to say, we are looking for a family for her that will take things slow, give her lots of time and space to decompress, observe, and learn to trust. We also are looking for a home ideally one on the quieter side as we feel she will be able to progress the best in a low key household. She is comfortable with other dogs of all sizes (can be found cuddling with her 50 lb foster sis), and is cat friendly!!
Her progress proves that she can come past her trauma and blossom into being a special dog, so loveable, who will make her family very happy, as many of her siblings have already done. She will just need time, patience, and to be shown love, and she will heal. Could you take your time with Snare Drum and show her the life she deserves? If so, Apply today! Her Adoption fee is $400.
You can also follow along with her time in foster care @freedomswayfosters on Instagram! She is fostered in Warrington PA and his foster mom can be reached at Cheryl.hal.volunteer@gmail.com. Also, if you want to see news coverage of Snare Drum and her siblings, you can do so here: https://6abc.com/dogs-found-dog-rescue-in-philly-home-kensington-neighborhood/13250506/#:~:text=PHILADELPHIA%20%28WPVI%29%20--%20Dozens%20of%20dogs%20were%20rescued,on%20the%201900%20block%20of%20North%20Orianna%20Str

  • Chihuahua
  • Female
  • Adult (5-9 Years) (05/16/2018) - Estimated
  • 8 Pounds
  • $ 400.00
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