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Joleen (Lab mix)

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(Joleen) Jojo is a 10 month old, 70 pound, happy, medium energy dog that loves to be loved and walked and played with.  She's best suited for a home without other dogs or kids as she has been known to sometimes guard her toys and occasionally her sleeping space - primarily toward other dogs.  She's been sharing her home with our cat who often hangs with Jojo and grooms her - though sometimes Jo can be a lot of lovin'!  Jojo loves to go and hang outside - doesn't matter what the weather is like - and often rings her bells by the door,  asking to go be in the yard.  She loves hide and go seek, fetch, tug of war and basically any games.  Her tail wags a lot!


She's smart and enjoys training. She is completely housebroken and crate trained and knows basic commands - wait, sit, leave it and we're brushing up on her recall and stay.  She's very schedule oriented... By 9PM she's ready for her last walk and will happily go into her crate by 10pm and not stir until 7 am.  

Joleen was originally adopted from Home At Last and all interested inquiries should be directed to the current owners at 610.659.7885.  New adopter will sign a transfer agreement with Home At Last.

  • Retriever - Labrador
  • Female
  • Puppy (7-24 Months) (04/27/2022) - Actual
  • 61 - 70 Pounds
  • $ 450.00
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