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George (Vizsla)

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Meet George, a 13 week old Vizsla pup. George is a happy, active puppy. He loves his chew toys and the other dogs in his foster home. When he’s ready for a nap he loves nothing more than to be snuggled up with his person or another dog. We’re quite sure whoever adopts George will never be lonely again—this guy is the definition of a velcro dog. Don’t expect a lot of personal space and certainly don’t expect to have privacy in the bathroom with this guy around! If you are looking for a ride or die, George is your guy. But…before you rush to submit your application, it is important to know that George has congenital bilateral hip luxations (a quick Google search will help you understand what this means). There is nothing to be done for this now and there may never be. But expect to keep an eye out and discuss with your vet during his annual visits and know that at some point he may need a specialist. Vet records will be shared as part of the adoption process. OK...now you can rush to submit your application!  Adoption fee is $650 because George is a benefactor for a pup requiring extra medical care .

  • Vizsla
  • Male
  • Baby (11/01/2022)
  • $ 650.00
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