Any chemistry nerds out there? To share about this special boy, we need to tell you how he got his name! Copper is a periodic element that we think this special boy has a few things in common with. First thing in common, the element is a good conductor of electricity, and the dog is full of electricity and energy, loving to run and play (especially with other dogs)! We consider him a medium energy dog, having zoomies for 5 mins then settling into sniffing and re-sniffing every corner of the yard! Second, the element has a reddish coloring and so does this handsome boy. Third, Copper’s atomic weight is 63.546 and that’s pretty close to Copper weight too! Want to know a little more? Copper is between 2 and 3 years young, a Hound mix, loves attention, and to be with his people especially on long walks. He has all the characteristics of a Hound: strong nose / chases scents, can’t get enough cuddle puddles, petting and play time and is sooo goofy! He also has a shy and sensitive side that means he needs a little time to warm up to new people or dogs. He did live with a cat for 1.5 years and did chase / attempt to play but never hurt the cat. He is crate and house trained, though sometimes might talk to you to let you know he'd prefer to be out of the crate. Feeling some chemistry with Copper after reading this bio? Well, he hopes to Cu at an upcoming meet and greet! You can also follow along with his time in foster care @freedomswayfosters on Instagram! Adoption fee $375.

  • Hound
  • Male
  • Youth (2-5 Years) (11/21/2019)
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