Young Female German Shorthaired Pointer

"Tennis ball”? Did someone say, “Tennis ball”? Hi, my name is Helen and I’m a 25 lb 5-6 month old happy, playful and snuggly pointer puppy who loves to chew on sticks, leaves, bones, toys and anything else I can put in my mouth, including the occasional pillow or shoe. I’m a puppy, after all, and that’s just what we do! You’ll have to forgive me, though - I’m just so happy to have a new “leash” on life that sometimes I can’t help myself. You see, before HAL rescued me I had entropic eyelids, which means that my eyelids rolled inward and rubbed against my eyes. It was terribly painful and my eyes were swollen because of the irritation. The nice people at HAL got me the surgery that I needed and now I’m feeling great! The vet said my eyes will probably never look perfectly “normal” but that’s okay with me – my eyes feel better than they ever have and I CAN SEE, which means I can do what I love – chase tennis balls - that’s all that matters to me! I play nicely with the kids and cat at my foster home, and I’m especially fond of the dog there so my foster family feels it’s important for me to have a canine companion in my forever home. I’m doing well with house-training and have learned that if I scratch at the back door when I need to go to the bathroom, someone will let me outside; sometimes I still have accidents but my foster family thinks I’m pretty smart for teaching myself to signal them. I sleep in bed with members of my foster family at night, and I love to snuggle up against them. I’m spayed, up to date on my shots, and know "sit". Apply for me today!

Ever think about fostering a dog in need? Home At Last Dog Rescue needs fosters! We need volunteers to foster dogs in their homes until permanent homes are found. HAL provides vet care, food, toys. crates, etc. for the dog you are caring for. You provide love, and compassion. Just email for more information on how you can make a difference in a homeless pets life!