Young Male Dachshund/Chihuahua mix

Hello! Hello ! Hello! I am Buch AKA Fritz. I am a happy boy that was saved last spring from a local high kill shelter right here in our area. My foster mom was visiting the shelter when she saw me huddled in the corner of my kennel shaking. I would not open my eyes as I was to scared. Every time she went to touch me I would shake some more, and even pee. Right then and there she knew she could not leave me there. The first month in my foster home I was very quiet and scared. Any time someone would come near me I would close my eyes, hunch over and urinate. After some time I began to trust my foster family, my eyes began to open when people neared me, and I began to solicit for attention. I have come a long way from that scared dog. I now am a ball of energy that likes to go for walks, loves to play and play and play, and just absolutely loves attention. I will follow you around the house, bark at you for attention, and lay next to you at night in bed. My foster family does not know what happened to me in my previous life, but we know that it was not a good life. I do have some separation anxiety, so I do need to have another dog friendly dog in the home, one that I can hang out with when my humans are gone. I also love taking walks which help calm my anxiety. I would do better in a home with older children as I can get excitable. Overall once I settle in with you I am a quirky guy with a big personality. I love people, dogs, and cats … well maybe I like cats more then they like me. Throughout my time with my foster family It was noticed that I use to regurgitate my food a lot. We thought that it was because I could be a bit anxious but over time it got worse. I found out recently that I have a condition called Megaesophogus. I know that is a BIG name. Essentially it means that my esophagus is paralyzed. When I eat my food does not always go into my stomach and instead sits in my esophagus. Lots of dogs with this condition get Aspiration Pneumonia which can be very deadly as a cause from the esophagus not functioning correctly. I have to eat prescription food that is blended into a slurry like consistency. Then held upright for 15 minutes after I eat so that gravity can help my food go into my stomach. I do take medication in the morning and at night. This will be a lifetime condition and I will need to remain on my medications and prescription food. I do take pepcids 2X’s a day, Metronitazol 2X’s a day, and thyroid medication to treat my under active thyroid. Overall I do really well with this condition! I am neutered, up to date on all my shots, and ready for a forever. I am about 18 - 24 months old. We think that I am a Doxie, Chi, Pug mix of sorts!

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