Our Adoption Process

Interested in adopting one of the dogs listed above? Here are the next steps:

  1. Complete our online adoption application with the name of the dog you are applying for.

    Have you previously submitted an application for a different dog within the last 30 days? There’s no need to submit another one unless any of your other information has changed! Just send us an e-mail to let us know which dog you’re currently interested in.

  2. We will review all applications for each dog in order to make a decision about which home best suits the dog’s needs. Applications are not considered in the order they are received; all applications will be considered in determining the best situation for each dog. Completing an adoption application is not a guarantee that you will receive the dog you are applying for, and Home At Last reserves the right to reject any application as we see fit.

  3. We will call the Personal and Veterinary references you listed on the application and contact you to schedule a home visit. These checks are performed to ensure that you will be a responsible pet parent and that you will provide routine veterinary care for the dog as needed.

  4. During a home visit, we will assess the living situation as well as the dog’s behavior, especially around any children or other pets you may have. If we feel that your home is the best situation for the dog, we will leave him/her there with you assuming you are prepared to receive your new dog. You will be asked to sign our Adoption Contract and a $350.00 adoption fee must be paid to Home At Last Dog Rescue, which is necessary to cover the cost of spaying/neutering, medicating, and transporting our dogs.