Adoption Fee Update

Home at Last Dog Rescue (HAL) has saved over 1,250 dogs just in 2016 and has saved over 6,800 dogs since 2010.

We are a non-profit and do not make money off of our adoption fees. In 2015 alone, HAL spent $387,000 just in vet care.

We love providing healthy, fully vetted, adoptable dogs to our community for a reasonable adoption fee. We want all great dog owners to be able to afford a fully vetted dog in needs of great home.

In looking at our adoption fee compared to other rescues and based on what we have been spending on vet care, supplies, transport, etc. we came to the realization that it was time to raise our adoption fee. While we don’t love to raise our adoption fee, we have a lot of bills to pay in order to keep our dogs safe and well taken care of.

Additionally, we take in a lot of "under dogs" other rescues cannot take due to illness, injury, or needing heartworm treatment. We pride ourselves on being that “go to” rescue to take on tough medical cases and want to continue to do so.

As of 01/01/2017 our adoption fee will increase by $25.00 (going from $325.00 to $350.00).

We will honor all applications we received 6 months prior to the increase with the old adoption fee for up to 6 months. Meaning that if you submitted an application within the last 6 months we will hold the $325.00 fee for you for up to 6 months.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and, as always, your support! We cannot do what we do without all of our amazing adopters and fans!